Kensington Market, cosmopolitan Toronto

Recently I went for a road trip in Canada. Montreal really blew my mind with this amazing mix of European and American vibes, its cute neighbourhoods, nightlife, and its high level Street Art scene. Then, I went to Toronto. To be honest it took me awhile to like Toronto. After Montreal, the city seems too big and too crowded. But moreover, while Montreal gave me this feeling of discovering something totally new, I had the feeling that I’ve been in Toronto, it reminds me two cities that I know in US Chicago and Detroit. I was a bit disappointed. But this was before I decide to go to visit Kensington Market. This neighbourhood really impressed me !! 


Built in the late 19 century Kensington Market was always the house of immigrants, first Irish and Scottish, then Jews from Eastern Europe, who really built the neighborhood and develop a market place, then italians, later on Portuguese, then Vietnamese all fleeing dictatorship, wars and misery. For a Long time it was the poorest neighbourhood of Toronto but with a Market full of products from differents countries of the world. Then it became slowly by slowly a gathering for artists and alternative groups of the population, or just  people who wanted to live away from the tumult of the megacity. Now the place is becoming famous for its Street Art, its great indi-coffee-shops, food and products from all over the world! 

The district really knows how to keep its cachet with its architecture of yesteryear, its small houses and its little green courtyards and in a good-natured atmosphere made by a nice blend of tourists, locals, and independent traders. I really enjoyed the vibes of this cosmopolitan neighborhood with great street art and many fancy coffee shops and I highly recommend Big fat Burrito and Urban Herbivore for foodies and curious! 

But let the pictures talk for me:










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  1. I love all the street art, but I think the car and the one above it is my favorite! Would love to explore this area myself sometime 🙂


  2. RoarLoud dit :

    I’m so glad you fell in love with Toronto! There are lots of small communities in Toronto I still want to explore and fall more in love with:)


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