Autumn vibes in Midwestern United States

The German Village in Columbus Ohio

To be more than honest not only the German Village needs to be visited but the whole city of Columbus is such a nice place full of history and with great spots for foodies and architecture lovers. The German Village located south of downtown is a charming historic neighborhood. It was built in the early 19 century by German immigrants/colons, it was almost destroyed World War 1 and rebuilt in the 60’s by the German Village Society. Nowadays this picturesque little district made of individual red brick houses, restaurants serving German specialists and German-style shops deserves a visit. Especially in autumn. The whole neighborhood is adorned with the colors of autumn, pumpkins, chrysanthemums and halloween decorations are on each doors, and you really feel the autumnal atmosphere. The only thing you will want after visiting this area is going to an Oktoberfest!



The hidden japanese gardens of Chicago

Chicago is full of surprises. Everyone knows that. But who knows that Chicago has two small Japanese gardens hidden inside other larger parks?

The Garden of Phoenix is located in Jackson Park on the back of the Museum of Science and Industry. You’ll probably have to go around for a while before figuring out how to get in but it’s worth it. This beautiful little garden gives you the impression of having left downtown Chicago for the country of the rising sun. Everything is here, of the vegetation, the songs of waterfalls and the architecture of his small temple. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature.


The second Japanese Garden is inside the Chicago Botanic Garden, which also deserves a visit on its own. In the same way, like the first Japanese garden, it is not accessible easy to find but who would complain of having to wander around calm rivers, tropical plant species, and blooming flowers ?

From Cleveland to Niagara Falls (US Side)


Ok that’s sounds pretty cliché and weird since you can visit Niagara Falls every season and it will still be amazing. BUT a road trip from Cleveland to Niagara Falls ,along the Lake Erie to discover the wine country of Pennsylvania and of the state of New York is an experience on it owns. It all depends on the time you have, you can just admire the scenery or stop to discover the wineries like Mazza Vineyard or Penn Shore Vineyards and many others. By road tripping along the lake you perfectly understand the connection between Erie and Niagara Falls. What could be more impressive than going along this river so calm that a few kilometers later is transformed into a powerful monster on the falls? In autumn the nature around the river and the Niagara Falls are beautiful and gives an even more poetic aspect to the place and there are way less visitors.


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