Street Art hunting in Pilsen – Chicago

Pilsen is a neighbourhood in the West Side of Chicago. During the 19th century a large Czech community settled in that district and named the place after one of the biggest city in Czech Republic « Plzen ». It’s in 70’s that Latinos became the majority population of Pilsen. Nowadays Pilsen is a happy mix of Mexican culture/ architecture and underground arty coffee shops. 22851348_503100966727255_877529091_o

But Pilsen is also well known lately for Street art. The whole neighbourhood is covered by amazing artworks that lots of blogs have already presented in details. I choose an other itinerary to explore Pilsen’s Street art: I followed the railway. And I got lucky !! For kilometers walls of train stations are covered by amazing mural arts with so many styles from several artists. I really suggest this nice stroll for street lovers. Enjoy!!








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  1. RoarLoud dit :

    I love the mural with the deer and woman! Great finds!


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