Urban Poetry in Dubuque, Iowa

I had the chance to spend Christmas in the charming little town of Galena, Illinois. After several days exploring the city, its history, its small shops, and its architecture, I took advantage of a sunny day to discover the surroundings. My plan was initially to go to Savanna, Illinois, but losing 2 hours on the road was too much and my soul could not resist the urge to see the Mississippi river again. So I opted for Dubuque, a 30 minutes drive from Galena. Dubuque is in Iowa and is divided into two parts by the Mississippi. A gigantic bridge connects the two parts of the city and provides access to the city center from Galena.


To be honest, the first impression of the city is not very positive. Both banks of the Mississippi are super industrialized, with factories on each side of the river, enjoying the advantages that the Mississippi offers for transportation and raw materials. But, I had the same feeling when I arrived in Saint Louis, Missouri, and the experience taught me that the first impression is (almost) always wrong and that there is always something to discover if you really want to explore it.


While exploring the city, I discovered that there is not only the industrial architecture of the banks of the river but also a charming and cozy residential area on the heights of the city that would almost make you think of some parts of San Francisco. But also, several buildings in the center of the city are decorated with magnificent Mural Art signed mostly by Werc, which give a particular character to the city. Not only do street arts bring color to Dubuque but it also makes visitors want to explore the whole city in search of other street arts. It’s a good way to discover the city and to discover great other buildings all over the city center. But enough talk, let’s discover the urban poetry.





img_20181226_142832 (1)







The Dubuque Street Arts have really given me a good lesson not only as a traveler, but also for life, the first impression is often wrong and if you really search there is always something interesting to discover!

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  1. A total YES to undiscovered beauties in the least suspected, smallest places… Thanks for having visited Dubuque and shared its charms with the world – the street art is amazing and your pic of the bridge over Mississippi river is a gem on its own!


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