Where to go out in Tirana?

It only takes a short time when in Albania to understand that the country of eagles is in fact the country of coffeeshop and bars. Coffee, as in many Mediterranean cultures, is part of everyday life, to the point that one often translates various actions by « drinking a coffee ». So, we do not go out for a drink, but we’ll drink a coffee, no matter the time of day (or the evening) and even if we do not drink coffee, it’s just a way to say spend time together. Just as we do not invite a boy or girl that we like at the restaurant or the cinema we just say « can we go for a coffee together? » Coffee shops and the bars are therefore important elements of life in Albania and all you have to do is take a stroll in Tirana’s trendy district, the Bllok, to realize that there are streets with only a succession of bars which compete with each other in creativity to fill their terraces.
But in this infinite choice how to find the fancy places that are sometimes only known by locals or far from the center district of the Albanian capital? Follow the guide !

The Funky Moustache: 

Credit: The Funky Moustache

Located a bit away from the hype district, just behind the Pyramid. The place offers not only an original concept but also without a doubt the best wifi connection of Tirana bars! The Funky Mustache is both a bar and a small food spot that offers healthy products including smoothies, salads, soups … The choices for vegetarians are relatively wide and smoothies are more creative than simple orange juice and freshly squeezed apples. It is possible to eat at any time of the day, there is even a little breakfast. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed and the staff is entirely bilingual Albanian – English.
My favorite: The funky taco, with guacamole, chicken, yogurt sauce and raw vegetables.

Read more about The Funky Moustache 

Duff Sports bar: 

Credit: Duff Sports Bar

UFO in Tirana, the Duff bar takes us into the world of American sport. American football helmets and Baseball jersey on the walls, screens that broadcast the Super Bowl or a hockey game, it’s like being in the States. The atmosphere is warm and usually brings together a large majority of internationals. The bar offers the opportunity to play Beer Pong as well as themed evenings in connection with the various American championships (or Albanian because football is still sacred in Albania). The place offers a wide selection of beers (unfortunately they do not have the Duff beer) and cocktails as well as a typical American burgers menu, onions rings, chicken wings … card grows on Thursday night with a much wider choice of burgers.

My favorite: The bacon burger! It’s difficult to find real bacon somewhere else in Albania!

Their Facebook page

Nouvelle Vague:

Credit: Nouvelle Vague Tirana

The French already feel at home just with the name of the place! Located in the center of Tirana in the Bllok neighborhood, this is one of the trendiest bar of the capital. For fans of reggae, hip hop, funk, nu jazz this is the place to be! Playlists are concocted by enthusiasts and change a little of the commercial soup we hear all day in coffee shop. The interior design is warmly variegated while the outside is cool and shady. The menu is varied from classic coffees, macchiato, and refreshments to a variety of cocktails all as tantalizing and creative as each other. La Nouvelle Vague is the ideal spot to start the evening or to get excited before going clubbing.
My favorite: difficult to choose one my heart swings between white sangria and mojito cucumbers.

More info about Nouvelle Vague 

Bunker 1944 Lounge:

Credit: Bunker 1944
Surely one of the most difficult addresses to find in Tirana, but worth it. The 1944 bunker offers an unusual experience, that of traveling back in time! Indeed the bar which is located in the basement of a building is fully furnished as in the communist years 1980 -1990 (a well-off household) in Albania. Everything is here! Old calendar, the rotary phone, the radio … The bar organizes theme nights poetry and slam, concerts, or karaoke. Do not hesitate to ask for a cocktail or specialty menu as the place often highlights drinks that are quite rare in Albania, ciders, foreign beers, …
My favorite: the special atmosphere and the unusual clientele that we meet!

Find Bunker 1944

Tulla, Culture center:

Credit: Tulla Culture Center

This cultural center takes its name, tulla, colorful bricks that compose it. It is one of the places with a totally original concept in Tirana. This center is both a theater, an exhibition venue, meetings and debates, and a concert hall. It is a bit away from the Bllok and offers an alternative to discos or evenings a little bling bling of the hype district. The varied and varied programming ranges from Swedish punk-core to Albanian jazz-Albanian Elina Duni and Besa Myftiu. The concerts are often paid but the prices do not exceed 5 € the entry. In addition to its artistic and cultural side Tulla has a rare element in Albania a real dance floor where the public can swing on live music! (although this is not yet too much to go into the customs).

My favorite: Albanian and international customer mix and unique events

Tulla Culture center

Komiteti – Kafe Muzeum:

Credit: Komiteti Kafe Muzeum

The Komiteti is a museum bar, yes you read that right, a museum bar. The decor of the bar includes old objects that reflect the customs of Albania. From agricultural tools to musical instruments, old photos, uniforms of the communist era or helmets of the World War, there is something to satisfy the most curious. In addition to this original idea, Komiteti brings together almost all raki varieties from Albania. From classic raki rrushi (grapes) to blueberry raki to pomegranate raki or spice raki. The menu varies according to the season and that of raki adds several drinks of yesteryear that were a little forgotten these last 20 years. A good way to discover the flavors and history of Albania at the same time.
My favorite:  raki e pjekur, a raki not too strong and sweet, baked with honey and spices.

More about Komiteti

These are some of my favorite places in Tirana, the list is obviously not exhaustive and I forget about it like the Hemingway, jazz bar with 100 rums arranged or the Temple with its giant statue of Buddha and its lounge music … Do not hesitate to complete the list in the comments!






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  1. Bea dit :

    Great post! I so want to visit Albania. I’ve been hearing mostly good things about it. And I love discovering hidden gems that aren’t yet overrun by tourist crowds.


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